Falcon UAV Detection System

2222Detection System

Falcon Lab Detection System helps commercial facilities and large-scale venues actively monitor and secure their premises, protecting them from unwelcome threats and liabilities. We precisely detect, track and identify UAVs using a new type of doppler radar— the compact surveillance radar (CSR), artificial intelligence, and long-range video tracking. Falcon Systems offers more comprehensive protection from terrorists, vandals, protesters and disruptors.

Key Features

  • Permanent or Temporary Installation

  • Automatic Target Classification (Artificial Intellignece)

  • 500 Meter UAV Detection Range

  • Integrates Into Existing Security Protocols

  • Data Caputure and Forensics

UAV Detection
The System uses the compact surveillance radar to detect medium-sized UAVs at a 500 meter range. It generates hundreds of samples of radar reflection data when a candidate UAV is in range.

System Intelligence
Instantly determines the likelihood of a UAV by comparing a candidate’s unique attributes to a library of thousands of pre-trained samples of common UAV types. Forensics data is saved during every interaction and viewed in realtime.

System Identification
When a UAV is detected, the long-range video tracker— with thermal camera and daylight camera— slews to the position of the UAV and follows with precision, allowing close inspection of the vehicle and its payload.

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