Hobby Products

We Offer a range of hobby products ranging from professional drones to small RC cars.

High End Consumer Good

We have a range of high-end consumer goods that tailors to the needs of the Middle Eastern Market.

Anti-Drone Service

We Offer the only Anti-Drone products and services for private and governmental sectors in the Middle East.


Always Improving

When we first entered the marker, we owned about 15% of the market share of drones. In two years, we now control the market with more than 95% of drones sales in Kuwait. And soon will expand our services to Dubai and the rest of the GCC area.

Hand-Selected Brand

At NMC, we don't deal or sell low-quality brands, if you look at our range of companies, we only deal with the most promising brands in each category.



Please feel free to contact us for any question you might have, we are always happy to hear from you